Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Breaking News Comic

I took time out from doing Page 3 of "A Walk in the Dark" to see if I could finish this one-pager and post it while it was still timely. This one was much easier to write and plan, and I penciled the entire thing in one sitting. Of course, my pencils are VERY rough. but still.

This was a new way of working for me. Usually, I plan a comic out, then start working on panels from the beginning and try to complete one panel with inks before going on to the next. This is risky, because it is very possible to realize later on that you should have done something different. You can paint yourself into a corner. So far, I haven't done that, but the risk remains.

Once I penciled this, I started finishing the panels, first from the start and then jumping around on the page as ideas came to me. I wound up at the end all the same.

This one was easier and faster than the others because the territory was familiar, both in terms of the places I was going to draw and the story itself.

And I am posting this one a mere nine days after "A Walk in the Dark" Page 2. And before Labor Day.

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