Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Walk in the Dark, Part One

Here it is, at long last. I just completed this tonight, and it certainly can use some fine tuning in Photoshop. This is also the first time I am using my new 11x17 scanner, which means I didn't have to scan the page in in pieces and then reassemble it in Photoshop.

I can already see that I still have some resolution and clarity issues in the reproduction of the images and words, but I will address these with other things as I go.

Right now, I am absolutely THRILLED to have completed another page!
(Since my last one was posted at the end of April, this gives me a speed of about one page every two months, but greater speed will come.)

I'm challenging myself and learning every step of the way!


essie said...

Very cool!! Yay for you, Howie! Keep it coming.

reesie said...

YES! So awesome! I can't wait to see more!

The Chrysler Building is my favorite building in the city, by the way.

How-El said...

Ahh! I found a size setting, and this works quite a bit better, I think!

RW said...

Howie - your emails were struck down by filters. It is good to hear from you. Keep on trucking.